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Established in 2004, Titan Recording Studio is located in the lower section of a split-level house located in a secluded and scenic area of northern Seattle Washington. Titan Recording is considered a "project studio". Which means it is my personal studio and all of my clients (both local and online) work with me, and me alone. I'm an expert at tracking all types of instruments and vocalists, mixing all types of music, providing studio musician work and production, and providing high quality professional mastering that rivals any mastering in the world. In traditional studios it is common to pay a flat rate to rent the studio, on top of an hourly rate for an engineer who may or may not lack experience. On top of that, most traditional studios do not provide mastering. I like to think of Titan Recording as a "one-stop-shop". I provide all aspects of music production, (including mastering). For in-studio clients, your hourly rate includes all services I provide as well as the use of the studio's space and equipment. If you choose Titan Recording to handle your project from start to finish, mastering is part of the hourly rate and there is no extra charge for it. 

For singer/songwriters, or musicians, looking for full production around their idea's, I provide services as a collaborator and studio musician. I can add real professional drums, guitar, bass, or piano/synths to your song ideas and help shape them into fully produced songs. For any other instrumentation I can assist in locating studio musician(s) that can be of service. For bands or musicians, I can provide help as a producer, or I can just engineer your songs so that they sound as professional as they possibly can. 

Titan Recording is a hybrid studio, which means that it is a combination of both analog and digital recording capabilities. The studio is equipped with high quality microphones, preamps, EQ's and compressors that you might find in an all analog studio. However, everything else is done "in the box" or on the computer. By working in both domains, I'm able to provide the highest quality sound at a lower cost with a faster turnaround (I believe my work speaks for itself, please click the listen tab to hear some examples). Titan's layout consists of an excellent control room, spacious live room, drum booth, vocal booth, and two isolation booths for amplifiers. Titan's layout allows me the flexibility to work with a wide variety of audio applications, from audio-post production for film, acoustic ensembles, radio spots and voiceover work, and even the loudest musicians in a live setting. Titan isn't fancy, or intimidating. Instead, it's a familiar environment for those who are serious about making their art unique.

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