Welcome to Titan Recording Studio. My name is Scot Michael and I am a professional audio engineer with nearly 20 years experience. I earned my degree from Full Sail's Audio Engineering program in Orlando, Florida. I then moved on to work at larger, more established studios in different parts of the country before winding up in Washington State, where I started Titan Recording Studio. Titan started back in 2003 in Bellingham Washington while I was working at Binary Recording Studio for Bob Ridgley. One year later I officially opened Titan Recording Studio in the lower section of a split-level house located in a secluded and scenic area of northern Seattle Washington. I started by recording musician friends of mine who couldn't afford more established studios. I realized my abilities as an engineer determined the quality of the recording more than the equipment I used. Through the years I've tried to maintain that idealogy while also obtaining the highest quality equipment best suited for a competitive sound quality at a reasonable cost. Another way I've tried to save my clients money, is by working quickly and efficiently. I've found that most clients of mine who have worked at other studio's, find my process and techniques to be faster and just as efficient, and in many cases superior. A major contributor to this is Titan's layout which consists of an excellent control room, spacious live room and vocal booth, and two isolation booths for amplifiers. Titan's layout allows me the flexibility to work with a wide variety of audio applications, from audio-post production for film, acoustic ensembles, radio spots and voiceover work, and even the loudest musicians in a live setting. Titan isn't fancy, or intimidating. Instead, it's a familiar environment for those who are serious about making their art unique.