Recording/Mixing/Mastering/Film-Post Production/Voiceover:

       -1 hour = $50 (2 hour minimum)
       -1 Day (8 hours) = $400

A $100 deposit is required to book studio time. If the client is a no show or cancels within 96 hours of the specified studio time, then their deposit is forfeited. We accept Debit/Credit via Square or Square Cash (2.75% tax), PayPal (2.75% tax), Google Pay and Venmo. Contact us for booking and deposits.


Studio Musician:
       -Drums = $50/song

Mobile/Location/Online Services:

       -mobile recording = $60/hour or $480/day (8 hours)

       -online mixing = Contact for Details  (1 free revision mix)

       -online editing (including Autotune/pitch correction) = Contact for details
       -online mastering = $50/song, (1 free revision master)
       -online drum tracking = Contact for Details 


File sharing via Google Drive and Dropbox. WAV files preferred, 44.1khz-192khz.


Studio Tours are Free

Titan Recording Studio: A Seattle Recording Studio

A Seattle Recording Studio